Cesar Alvarez was born in December 1968 in the town of Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia.


At an early age, Álvarez was interested in drawing, shapes and colors, and soon discovered his passion and dedication for art.


He started with colored pencils, and overtime began to attend workshops and classes that taught him more complex artistic techniques. In 1996, he completed an internship where he practiced engraving and the use of color.


In Rionegro, Álvarez is well-known and is an active member of the municipality’s arts committee. He and fellow artists regularly perform at salons and exhibitions of painting and sculpture.


In 1999, he traveled to the United States and settled in Connecticut.

Today, César Ovidio retains his Impressionist roots and occasionally accepts the challenge of some sculpture experimenting with various materials and with the possibility of attaching dimension to those images that he does not want to limit to the canvas.