"GRACIAS" In Taiwan 2017

December 2017

At dawn on December 9, 2016, Cesar Ovidio Alvarez receives an email that would make his day; it was the result of the International Artists Grand Prize Competition for Art Revolution Taipei, which announced that his work "Gracias" a 36 "x 48" acrylic on canvas, had been a finalist and would be exhibited at A.R.T. 2017


For the second time, a work by the Colombian artist was being chosen for this exhibition. For the second time, the colors and technique of Cesar Ovidio Alvarez would be appreciated in the Asian country.


77 Participating countries, 4207 artworks submitted, 231 artworks chosen and X-Power Gallery is associated with other galleries in Taiwan so that these works may be apreciated  by art collectors and public, from January 2017 and throughout the remaining year.


"Gracias" was exhibited at Art Revolution Taipei, between April 14 and 17 at

Hall 3 of the World Trade Center in Taipei

and between November 8 and December 16,

at Po Sheng Gallery

207 b1 North Road, Taipei, Taiwan.


May 11, 2015: 


A great success was the closing of the  5 version of Art Revolution Taipei Monday, May 11 and the participation of Cesar Ovidio Alvarez has made the artist a great personal satisfaction. 




Alvarez had a chance to be chosen by "International Artist Grand Prize Competition", from 4033 art works, only 90 were shown in this pavilion of the fair.  His work "Silletera" had great acceptance among the spectators.


According to one of the organizers of the fair,  the color palette used and the symbolism of one of the cultural icons of Colombia, captivated the crowd that repeatedly approached  to the art consultants commissioned to ask about the meaning of the picture. " people asked about the skin color, the flowers in the back, slightly bent back and the gesture of fatigue that were notorious and gave rise to that explanation of the cultural tradition of Colombia, will captivate to the Asiatics".


Cesar Alvarez was the only Colombian artist among participants from around the world.  Just to mention a few, he shared with artists Cairo, Poland, Russia, Argentina and Spain, among others. All of them with a common observation: "The magnitude and the Organization of the Feria ".


It was highlighting the incredible organization and logistics of the event, where about 400 volunteers collaborated.  Each Pabillion had art consultants  designated and each booth  one or two vendors. Translators were also asigned to foreign exhibitors.



The flow of visitors, according to the Organization website (http://www.arts.org.tw/2015/eng/news.html )  was: 21.961 people and achieved a percentage of total sales of the 84.89%


it is a great satisfaction and pride that,  the name of Cesar Ovidio Alvarez Rendon, already apply among the artists to participate in the edition of the Art Revolution Taipei 2016 where we hope to continue to do a good representation of the name of our country, Colombia.





                                                  February 1, 2015